About Us

Your Partner For Strategic Growth

Catalyst Solutions is a specialist consultancy that offers a focused, efficient and value adding service offering. Our team has experience in assisting companies across all industries in maximizing grants and tax incentives opportunities. Over time, we have built up strong relationships with many governmental departments which help provide us with the intricate knowledge required to assist clients in benefiting from these incentives.

Our main objective is to create value for our clients throughout their entire business value chain by taking advantage of the incentives on offer by Government authorities and through income tax deductions.

Catalyst Solutions assists companies in claiming incentives through education and identification of qualifying projects, analysis of the qualifying activities and preparation of all necessary information and documentation required to support or apply for an incentive.

Catalyst Solutions has a proud track record in assisting clients to gain access to various grants and incentives. In addition, Catalyst Solutions is part of a global organisation that focuses on cost saving solutions for thousands of clients around the world.


Catalyst Solutions team has many years of experience and has an impeccable track record in assisting companies to access cash grants and tax incentives. Our team of experienced consultants is made up of chartered accountants, engineers, tax specialists, scientists and legal professionals. We pride ourselves on our vast industry knowledge and have worked closely with many of the largest multi nationals and industry bodies.

Dov Paluch

Managing Director: Research

Dov likes doing things a little differently and swam against the tide in packing up his family and moving from Australia to South Africa. Through his background in law and IT, and due to his passion for innovation, he founded Catalyst Research Solutions and is now involved in assisting companies in the global push towards knowledge based economies.

Dov has intricate knowledge of the relevant incentive legislation, its requirements and how companies can maximise the return on investment of their R&D through incentives. Through his relationships with the relevant government entities, Dov is involved with new developments on R&D Incentives and is a trusted partner and adviser to clients and industry bodies across a spectrum of industries.

Dov has international consulting experience. Prior to founding Catalyst Research Solutions, Dov worked at one of Australia’s premier law firms and also spent a number of years at Deloitte. Dov has an MBA (Cum Laude) from GIBS in South Africa, is a registered tax practitioner and is a member of the SA Institute of Tax Practitioners.

Christo Engelbrecht

Managing Director: Incentives

Christo has more than 13 years’ experience in specialised government grants and incentives consulting work. His comprehensive experience includes providing advisory opinions to local and foreign investors, managing international incentive related research projects, major national and local government incentive lobby assignments and assisting many of South Africa’s largest corporates to access the grants and tax incentives on offer from the Government and other authorities. Christo has also been actively involved in assisting private and public sector authorities to access grant funding for various strategic infrastructure projects.

Before founding Catalyst Incentive Solutions, Christo was an Associate Director at Deloitte and prior to that he was employed by the Department of Trade and Industry where he worked on various incentive programmes and was responsible for the management of the Critical Infrastructure Programme (CIP).

Christo has a Bcom (hons) degree and is a registered tax practitioner and a member of the SA Institute of Tax Practitioners (SAIT). Christo is also a member of the SAIT Incentives Tax Committee.